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Miss I

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Some of my favorite REP comments:

I had to do it. I know CBF and Dave will appriciate the retardness of my actions
you complete me.
We're thinking about voting Old Dude this round. You game?
Word association. Viking. Prostate. Artificial limb.
Your V6 camero sucked.... I know...i had one too....
i wish we had someone like you in the white house
do you get alot of people calling you a golden god?
I think Oleg is Hotrod, or Pez
Im sitting outside your window right now.
You are dumb sonofwhore!
If you werent Mormon Id set you up with my uncle.
Dude - baja and Ark are doin it with each other. At least thats what I heard.
Do you ever dress up in frilly things? Just wondering.
Crazy question, but could you tell me if dortoh has voted yet?
Do you only count the first PM vote you get, or do you count the last?
hey, be honst. Is Pat Bowlen the wraith?
Apparently I was wrong
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