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Casey Kreiter

And so it goes. I received almost no votes in this last round, but almost no votes in any of the others. I guess you can just call me Mr. Irrelevant. At least Iím consistent thoughÖ consistently better than almost all of the rest of you at this game. Did I wheel and deal and backstab all game long? No, I didnít have to. There were a few of us that figured out we were betting on the right horse very early and two of us rode it all the way to the finish line. You call that not playing the game, I call it winning the game (or almost winning). Donít like it? Too bad Iíll be drinking champagne on the medal podium while the rest of you are crying in your cups of wine made from the sourest of grapes over in Wraiths lounge.

All this said there are some major props that need to go out to some people who I never would have gotten here without, one especially. Those people know who they are and I know who all of them are, even if we didnít speak at all during the game. The rest of you can drop deadÖ oh wait you already did. It was my pleasure.

A final huge thanks to Old Dude for putting together a really great game. Iíll be back for more. Until then, if anyone needs me, Iíll be over on the secret Noob message boards.

Mr. Irrelevant

Ps. Conklin, Iím still having trouble accessing that thing. Can you make sure itís functioning properly?

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