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some rep excerpts:

classic. Great game!
HA that was one huge misunderstanding, bad info to me and it sent Ark through the roof!
Regardless of who "wins" that was the best "Survivor" performance of all time. Period.
fun game!!
predict the dead for me.
I didn't vote for you
I gotta bust on you once in awhile so nobody sees us together
I can't wait to see your vote.
If you really want to PO him, use the word "impotent" - - ghosts hate that.
LMAO That was better than anything I found
Well, you could always start a special forum forthe ghosts to do their plotting. On second thought, probably not a good idea. Tell you one thing. Ghosts get lonely. They love to vent. Give 'em a sympathetic ear and you're halfway home.
you are putting a scare into most players.... yet turning on Sirhyarcky
Masterful job, so far! How long before the herd gets nervous?
I will have to email you a link of some chick deep throating a large sauge and one chick ****ing a bunch of banana's with both holes.
Is baja on your **** list?
Jesus, I'm impressed.
CBF1 & BroncoBuff. CBF1 contacted me about needing his help then didn't get back to me. So i figured...WTF why not.
I didn't vote for you
so what's my login info & password?
Don't ****
dirty boy drunk posting rocks
are you in charge?
well, at least it explains why you walk funny
Now, who do you want out of the game?
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