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Pat Bowlen

Round 8 Hidden Votes

TheReverend - ludo21 (x2)
orange&blue - ludo21 (x2)
SureShot - ApaOps5 (x2)
bowtown - vancejohnson82 (x2)
ludo21 - gunns (x2)
gunns - amesJ523 (x2)
bfoflcommish - amesJ523 (x2)
JCMElway - amesJ523 (x2)
amesj523 - ApaOps5 (x2)
ApaOps5 - amesJ523 (x2)
vancejohnson82 - None.
Dortoh - ludo21 (x2)
Falconer - amesJ523 (x2)
Bronco Yoda - oops*
Broncobiv - vancejohnson82 (x2)

*attempted to abstain from a public vote, thereby nullifying his private vote.
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