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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Survivor Reps for Dortoh and others:

LOl you are evil aren't you.

ill spend the night with you big daddy

So are you working with anyone?

See, i was trying to do the same thing with some one else..but nooo they think they are too HOLY for these shenanigans

baja just told me he voted for me. I was just blowing smoke about YOUR team ....

These people are insane this year! Hope things are holding up for you.

ARE you INSANE! No way you can take out Conklin and ARK in one round….

Why did you vote me off

I am not a proud man...

You stupid bastard, you could have screwed gunns or amesj and lived to tell about it

How did you get both of them? Damn it that totally screws the rest of us!

This place sucks...

hahahaha bet he was pissed

Goad 'em on! All of 'em.

My favorite is in Bold. Like I would EVER work with anyone in this game. I only work with EVERYONE or not at all
How'd that work out for you...
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