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Prima Materia

some of the rep i got:

mother****ing OMMMMMM I know I've said this before... But I laugh everytime I read that.

That was so good it almost made me cum.

You have no idea how epic that was. You live pretty close, so I just want to make sure that's not MY liver you're talking about!

Dude, I already printed your post and am going to frame it. PLEASE consider putting it in the next edition of Mirror.

Not vote me my ass! Well played I like your mercenary style.

CBF1 is f'ing livid

****in sell out

CBF1 ass kissing time, Sorry for the comment in the other room. What was saying is that your voting style is style is unstable. Since you voted for me, then I never knew who you would vote for.

Actually I was asked to vote for you to save someone, and not by ApaOps. I was originally going to go for Conklin. Did you read the stuff on the site Conklin posted. WOW!
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