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Miss I

A sampling of my survivor reps

You have about two weeks before that comes out. You should probably spend at least some of that doing preemptive damage control.

Somewhere in the distance I hear a trainwreck in progress. You wouldn't know anything about that, tho, I'm sure.

What is wrong with these sheep? Year after year. Don't they read the old threads? Jeez.

"Out of respect" good answer. Too bad I'm not buying it unless can tell me how I was a threat to you as a newbie in round 3 :d lol

Sorry! Had to make it believable since people know you and I talk, and you're smart enough to get yourself out of it.

It's official... I'm going to have to vote out conklin one of these days

I heard tere's a special place in Heaven for all of God's lost little creatures. Right next to the mashed potatos.

you bastard, you have 4 of them already convinced of that

I'm still trying to figure out how the eight of you managed to piss off people so equally. Well, almost equally.
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