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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Well I had more to say and didn't want to edit.

Here's the deal I wanted someone from your team to win because I thought guys have played a great game. IMO Dortoh played a masterful game and Apa did too. I know you are in the thick of it but were mostly invisable to me except for a few weak PMs. I figured youd get a fair number of votes but less than Hotrod or Apa so I needed to bush you above them. As it turns out I needed to put more votes on you than 9

This is your post - " It takes a level of respect to get under my skin.

That's something you don't have. With me or with anyone I know of here... and probably with no one on the planet."

I just wanted to mention it's a game Rev.
Exactly. You'll notice I actually enjoyed you during the game.

It's over now, and I can go back to hating you with a disgust usually reserved only for sex offenders and child abusers.

See ya around.
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