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Default And now for a few of our lesser but no less angry ghosts ...

Conklin attacks TheReverend with 5 votes.

BABRonco attacks ApaOps5 with his remaining 8 ghost votes.

Broncobiv attacks TheReverend with his 2 ghost votes.

bfoflcommish attacks ApaOps5 with his two ghost votes.

ludo21 attacks TheReverend with all three of his ghost votes.

amesJ523 attacks ApaOps5 (x1), TheReverend (x1) and orange&blue (x1)

CBS1177 attacks JCMElway with 4 votes.

vancejohnson82 attacks Dortoh with 3 votes.

Arkansas Bronco attacks JCMElway with all 5 of his ghost votes.

Bronco Yoda attacks ApaOps with both of his ghost votes.

gunns attacks TheReverend with one ghost vote and orange&blue with the other.

Damage subtotals (including player actions):

16 ApaOps5
12 TheReverend
11 JCMElway
5 SureShot
4 Falconer
3 Dortoh
2 orange&blue
0 bowtown

But then there were some bigger ghosts still to be heard from ...

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