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Default Rules For Round 10

Our current cast of Survivors will each have two votes in this Round Ten:

They are (for your targeting pleasure):


5 will die.

Voting in Round Ten may begin at any time. All votes must be PMd to Old Dude no later than NOON, Tuesday, March 31. Those five players receiving the most elimination votes in Round Ten will be out of the game.


The three survivors will then battle for first through third places on April Fool's Day. To repeat, we are going to kill five players in Round Ten, based on whoever gets the most elimination votes.

Ghosts also get to vote in this round and have the following "ammunition" (votes) to work with, which may be distributed around the targets in whatever way they want. As you will note, contestants killed earlier in the contest have more votes.

BABronco: 15 votes
DBroncos4Life and TD30: 13 votes each.
Baja, Rusty Shackleford and Broncosteven: 11 votes each.
DHallblows, ghwk and BroncBuff: 9 votes each.
Missingnumber7, sirhcyennek81 and kamakazi_kal: 7 votes each.
Conklin, Mediator12 and Arkansas Bronco: 5 votes each.
CBS1177, CBF1 and TheDave: 4 votes each
AmesJ523, Ludo21 and vancejohnson82: 3 votes each
Bronco Yoda, gunns, bfoflcommish and Broncobiv: 2 votes each.

Ghosts may "will" all or part of any of their votes to any other Ghost or Player, by simply PMing that fact to Old Dude. Some already have. Once votes are "willed" they may not be recovered. However, the receiving Ghost (or Player) may pass those, or any portion of them on to anyone else. The deadline for submitting "wills" is 8:00 pm, Denver time, Monday, March 30.

Again, all final "votes" by Players and Ghosts alike are due by Noon, Tuesday, March 31, and must be received by Old Dude.


Each surviving player in this round 10 will have an important option. They must abide by the same deadlines as everyone else. They may either cast two votes of their own (as related above) ... OR, they may PM Old Dude with their choice to apologize, supplicate, debase themselves and beg for mercy from any one Ghost of their choice. But it must have been a Ghost who they voted against during the Round the Ghost was killed.

This will result in the Player receiving ONE vote and ONLY one vote from that Ghost and all votes otherwise aimed at the player by that particular Ghost will be neutralized and ignored.

None of these actions will be revealed until the final results are posted.

If you are a player who desires to exercise your submission and bootlicking supplication option, you must not only PM me with that choice (and naming the ghost to who you are apologizing) but also with a written apology to said ghost, not less than 20 words, nor more than 100 words in length, stating just what a lowly scum you are and why the ghost should spare you.

Those of you who are unsure how to procede in this regad may contact The Wraith for guidance and the appropiate protocol for snivelling.

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