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Matt Russell

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
In Round Two, two more will be sent packing.

The rules are essentially the same as last time, with the following exceptions.

1. As noted above, we will kill the two players who incur the most elimination votes.

2. BABronco is dead, though we may hear from him again in a ghost round sometime in the future.

3. All remaining Survivors get two votes this round, except for the following slaggards, who get only one each
: sirhcyennek81; TheDave; SureShot; Rusty Shackleford; DBroncos4life; and BroncoBuff.

4. If any of said slaggards manages to cast a valid vote this round AND manages to survive to Round 3, then they will be restored to full voting potential for that Round 3. Anyone who fails to file a valid vote this round will be reduced to 1 vote for Round 3 (assuming they survive that long.)

5. The slate is wiped clean, so far as "wounds" are concerned. Everyone starts this round with zero votes against them.

Votes are due by NOON, Tomorrow.

Voting may begin at any time.
I just couldn't bring myself to vote off any of you fine people.
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