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John Mobley

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Hey leave my pregnant older sister out of this. And what, pray tell, did I ever do to get you all worked up over my sausage?
Actually it was Heydensmom. Two years ago I think I voted for you every round. Then HDM starts talking to me, ever the novice, and in one round says everyone is going after, I think Arkansas Bronco. I tell her I want you and she says she'll take you and I take Arkansas Bronco, so I can stop pissing you off and she'll take the heat. Well, I'm suspicious, just not suspicious enough and I almost vote for you but I decide to be the team player and I vote for Arkansas. So did HDM. The vote comes out and you would have been gone had I cast my vote for you. I think I was more mad at myself, because you and HDM played that well.
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