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Originally Posted by TheChamp View Post
Or they didn't really mean it at all. About 85% of what any front office says is PR.
I used to be a commercial litigator. My bosses were frequently a$$holes. Things did things without consulting ME ME ME that affected ME ME ME. They said things they didn't really mean. I didn't get all bent over every time one of them was rude or dissed me and threaten to go to another firm. And I wasn't even under contract. But go to another firm and some of the folks you work for are going to act like jerks sometimes. It's part of that business.

And working with jerks is part of any tough business. I cannot imagine that pro football is any gentler than working in a law firm. Suppose McDaniels was a jerk--and I'm not at all convinced that was the case. All the drama over it is stupid. Jay needs to grow up. (Or, imho, the more likely scenario is that he knows exactly what he is doing and that what really set him off was the firing of Shanahan and Bates. Since then, he's been looking for a reason to leave and blame someone else.)

It's a bloody Oprah episode when everyone sits around talking about how the organization should have "reached out." What a stupid narrative. He's got a contract, he's been paid millions of dollars. There's nothing in the contract that says the team not only has to pay him millions, but they also promise never to hurt his feelings. Feelings get hurt. Adults get over it. In any event, he's going to bank tens of millions of dollars from some organization over the next five years regardless of his hurt feelings--so my sympathy glands are a bit on low here.

I'm going to miss his razor sharp passes and pocket presence. I'm not going to miss all the stupid drama or the stupid interceptions.
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