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Default Armstrong: Forget peace. Give Jay Cutler a chance

Forget peace. Give Jay Cutler a chance

A lot of numbers have been flying around in the midst of the Jay Cutler-Josh McDaniels spat. Some of the most interesting involve Cutler's record in games in which the Broncos have allowed 30-plus points.

For the record, it's 3-12. To put those numbers in perspective, Cutler has played two full seasons and five games of a third. Donovan McNabb has played 10 NFL seasons and is 3-16 when the Eagles allow 30-plus.

Eli Manning? He's 1-16 in such games. Jake Plummer during his days in Our Town was 0-10. Matt Cassel, if that name rings a bell, was 0-4 last season when the Pats allowed 30-plus.

Oh, and did I mention that defense isn't the only problem? The Broncos have some of the worst special teams in the league, too, forcing Cutler into lousy field position.

Just a thought, but if and when Coach J-Mac mends fences with his quarterback, maybe he can get to work on fixing the real problems.
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