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See: The Miracle of Vitamin D.

Via: Deseret News:

While the nation is in the midst of a financial crisis, another crisis is looming large — a health crisis caused by vitamin D deficiency.

That message was delivered to about 55 medical researchers, nutritionists and public health officials who gathered at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Friday to hear from Dr. Carol Wagner, a medical researcher from the Medical University of South Carolina.

Wagner presented the preliminary findings from her current study which focuses on the role of vitamin D during pregnancy and early infant development. Even in the preliminary stages, the results of Wagner’s study show profound, far-reaching implications for pregnant women, infants and the entire population as a whole.

“It’s quite likely that chronic nutritional vitamin D deficiency puts all of us at risk for developing debilitating, long-latency, chronic diseases,” Wagner said. “Diseases such as insulin-resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.”
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