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Same here... lost one point, but that is a bunch of BS that people come on here and post negative rep and won't tell you why or even who they are. Hell, I could go around posting negative rep all the time... atleast I am man enough to say it was me and why the negative rep was called for.... in my mind.

Honestly, I can see why somebody would give me negative rep for saying it was race related. It is a sensitive issue, but the facts are there, if you're just giving me rep b/c I'm the one to come out and say then whoever you are is a puss! If you have some meat as to why my post was inaccurate then write it in with the rep. They didn't write squat. Pussies!

Hey, now Bronco Girl 13 is calling out the Pussies.

Maybe he should look between his own ****ing legs.

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