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Posted by Mike Florio: Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:03 AM
We take a short break from the ongoing free-agency coverage to explore one of the other issues currently residing well below radar.

Two weeks ago in Denver, Titans running back LenDale White allegedly was involved in an incident that allegedly resulted in White allegedly beating a man with an alleged belt and buckle during an argument between White and his friends and a second group of men.

White wasn't and won't be charged. As we pointed out over at PFT in the salad days before the site went to garbage (and we're not just talking about the name of a cat), the fact that the alleged victim (a boy named Leslie) landed in the hospital with lacerations raises questions about what precisely occurred.

As it turns out, there's apparently video evidence reflecting part of all of the incident, courtesy of a camera mounted atop a traffic light. As it also turns out, video from the so-called "HALO" camera supposedly contradicted part or all of the alleged victim's story, contributing to the decision not to charge White.

And here's the kicker. The media in Denver is trying to get its mitts on the video, and the authorities are refusing to disclose it.

"Pursuant to that policy, 'information obtained from HALO use will be used exclusively for public safety and law enforcement purposes,'" Mary Dulacki of the Denver Department of Safety wrote to CBS4 in Denver. (Is it OK to say CBS here? Or should I just say "a Denver television station" like ESPN would do? Is there a handbook or something on this?) "Because you are not affiliated with a public safety or law enforcement agency, your request for access to any videotapes obtained from a HALO camera is accordingly denied."

We've got a feeling that this isn't the end of it. Is that Stone guy still on the payroll?
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