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Originally Posted by A.L.F. View Post
The point is however in saying the Ducks era is over. They just have a bunch of old guys, some which will be moved soon. Their new GM Bob Murray is about to blow it all up and start over. Pronger rumors are everywhere and they need to get rid of Giggy and that albatross of a contract. They are out of a playoff spot as of today, so their run is over.
im not disagreeing dood, i was just diggin, thanks to burke the ducks have nothing to rebuild with either,

id take pronger in philly if we could get him for a 3rd rounder or so, yeah i know hes dirty but so was hatcher, our D is too soft rigth now, im still kinda hoping hatcher gets better intime to play in the playoffs when cap dont count, we need the butcher.

nobody is worried about paying the price to run infront of the net, cobrun dosnt play his size and everybody else is just small, sbisa was probally won of our more physical D men an hes back in juniors now.
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