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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
the ducks rebuild could take even longer then yours, didnt you guys start after the 93 cup loss ?
Yes your correct in saying our team has sucked since the cup loss. True. But I must correct you on one thing. Kings have never done a "rebuild" in it's franchises history. Only started once Dean Lombardi came onboard. Kings have ALWAYS traded away picks and assets for older veterans. Been the case for 35 years until Lombardi showed up. Did you know the Kings could have had Ray Bourque? Thanks to former GM George ****ing Maguire, it didn't happen because that tool traded away picks like there was no tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Dean Lombardi Kings GM
This is entirely different. It's one of the challenges I knew I was going to face in coming here. You've got a 40-year history of no Cup. You've got, in the last 15 years, four playoff appearance, which is lowest in the league. You've got one playoff round won in the last 15 years, which is the lowest in the league.

I was a little surprised at the (Kings performances over the last) 15 years. That's been ... That was right after Wayne's year. I'm a big fan of that, coming from New England, and the Flyers and Roenick and all that, and working for Philly for my childhood idol (Clarke), and you just walk around Philadelphia ... the main thing, there's something there, you can't define it. So obviously there, a huge track record of success there, and they lit the fire and pass on the torch.

When I was looking at the teams that I was interested in going to, and interviewing (with the Kings), it was a negative early because I like those traditional things, but Wayne Gretzky told me, if you win there, there's nothing better in the world ... so there's positives and negatives. Wayne tried to do it as a player, and you know what, in the big picture too, I think the league needs L.A. Let's face it, the NBA was built on the Celtics-Lakers, and if you can ever get a L.A.-Gretzky show ... hockey as a whole was big ...

It's a huge challenge. So let's establish history instead of following history.

The point is however in saying the Ducks era is over. They just have a bunch of old guys, some which will be moved soon. Their new GM Bob Murray is about to blow it all up and start over. Pronger rumors are everywhere and they need to get rid of Giggy and that albatross of a contract. They are out of a playoff spot as of today, so their run is over.
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