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The Mc Rib

exactly, as messed up as they are now, they woulda been worse with his contract and nobody else.

as i said you need cheap talent in a cap world, specially when you have 2 of the top players both in ability and pay on the same team. See sucking so long and getting all the top 5 picks wasnt such a great thign afterall was it.

and looking at your farm team when you dont pick top 5 you may as well use the blindfold and dart method, cuz everybody else sucks.

An i love it, couldnt happen to a nicer place.

side note the habs traded for schiender and told kovalev to stay home and sent one of the kosboobiesyn boys down to the minors. i dunno whos having a bigger freefall, the rags or the habs.
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