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DJ Williams

That's what you thought? Sorry man, didn't know I needed to stay by my computer today just waiting for your response. Next time, I'll make sure to continually hit refresh on my browser and not go do anything else until you post again.

I call out Shero and you go and point out that you called Therrien wasn't long for the Pens. Newsflah- everyone who follows hockey knew that Therrien wasn't going to be there much longer, not just Pens fans. You didn't exactly call your shot, everyone knew it was coming. But let me know what the Powerball numbers are for Wednesday night Nostradamus.

Guess what? Someone will win the Stanley Cup at the end of the year, just a hunch that I have. We'll see in June whether or not that's true. I'll bring this post back up at that time to prove to everyone I was pretty much right on with how the NHL season would end.

I like how you have it both ways, Shero has done fine and let those guys walk because that was the right thing to do, but then the Pens don't have any chemistry. Apparently Shero hasn't found a way to replace them. That's real quality work by the GM. Sometimes you don't let guys walk because of the intangibles that they bring the team, including the chemistry that's altered when you screw up the lockerroom composition. But I guess we won't put that one on Shero. The Hossa trade was worth it because that 1st that could have been used on a winger and Esposito are replaceable parts. And if you come back with Espo sucks, guess we'll chalk that one up on the Pens' scouting department, and not Shero.

You can come up with any excuse you want for this season, Fleury, Gonchar, Whitney, they "sulked", etc., the fact remains that any team that was in the Finals last season with Crosby and Malkin should not be in 10th place in the East and 5 points out of playoff spot in the middle of February. Spin that any way you want to justify your excuses for why they aren't in the playoffs and how it's not Shero's fault. Anyone else who isn't a Pens fan sees a poorly constructed team. I'm sure if they make a run, you'll have called that one on some other board at some other point too. You defended Shero in this thread with Staal's new deal, and yet you acknowledge there are no wingers. A 3rd line center taking up $4M per year starting next year? Last time I checked, a GM is the guy who is supposed to acquire those wingers.

But hey, you called it that Therrien was on the verge of getting tossed, you're the man Ames.
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