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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
You are so full of it ames.

Shero has acquired exactly 1 winger for Sid or Geno, and we all know where Hossa is playing this season.

"Shero has done well, our young core is locked up, but I never expected much this season from a team that went to the Finals last year?" Whatever dude.
Nah man i've been saying it since about 1/4 into the season. Sorry you don't believe me, but i have been - infact this is what i wrote on another board:

amesj523 - Feb 9, 2009 6:52 pm (#2855 of 2865) Delete MessageReply
it's called the american dream..because you have to be asleep to believe it. ~Carlin

Some truth to what Junkie brought up:

The pens are a little interesting: They have lots of "star" talent, lots of blue line depth, but little in the Winger department. Ryan Malone cashed in, and there's no way he's worth that much. They had to let him walk. Hossa punked the pens. Without hossa, they wouldn't have been in the SCF's though. I still to this day agree with that trade. (The players that were involved in the trade were/are replaceable IMO).

You can't pay Gary Roberts who is 40+ a ton of jack, and guys like ruutu can always be replaced too.

They had lots of chemistry last year, and this year - with injuries to Gonchar, Whitney - while they had good young talent (golikoski, letang) - they aren't gonchar & whitney (yet).

Fluery's had an off year as well.

Lots of things just didn't fall in the pens favor this year. I think the pens sorta "sulked" at times this year. It also showed when they'd allow many teams to go up 2-3 goals, and then do the "comeback".

IMO, as much as i think Therrian's done with the Pens, i don't see him with the team for long. It would not surprise me to see Shero fire Therrian at the end of the season...if they don't make the playoffs...i'd put it at a 85% rate that therrian's fired.

Shero seems to be slow and steady, but he won't hesitate to answer to his bosses (see hossa trade).

Crosby, IMO - needs support. I don't think playing malkin on his line is the answer. I think Staal needs to play on his line IMO.

Yeah, so whatever - i've called the pens season all year pretty much correct.

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