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Originally Posted by Miss Independent View Post
Okay so shouldn't a good movie be entertaining? How do you define good? Just curious. I enjoyed Taken, but I also expected it to be basically an action flick with a better actor as lead. I think Liam Neeson's presence gave it more heft because unlike say a Tom Cruise who is not by any means a good actor (capable sometimes, but mostly a one note actor...he always plays Tom Cruise megastar).

Good Action: Bourne Identity? , Entertaining Action: Speed?
Basically, I have two types of movies I like: Entertaining Movies, and Good movies. Entertaining movies are ones that could be considered "bad", if you look at the acting, script, and overall quality(in a movie critic sort of way), but is made enjoyable by the presence of gratuitous humour or action(Starship Troopers is the example I always give of movies I consider to be 'Entertaining'). Good movies are ones that have good writing and acting and directing(Three things Taken BARELY had, if at all. The Script was horrific).

Here are some of my problems with Taken(HIGHLIGHT TO SEE, BUT HERE BE SPOILERS):
Apparently, Liam Neeson can run as fast as an Audi can drive, and a jab to the throat kills someone instantaneously. Liam Neeson's character had NO flaws. There wasn't a single French good guy(Except maybe the guy who ran the hotel who let him bring a drugged out hooker into the room). When he chases the guy at the airport, after he jumps and gets hit by the truck, the cops who were chasing them seem to just vanish. When they identify the bad guy by the voice recording off the phone call...First off, I call bull**** on that. Secondly...So they have a database that can identify people by their voice, but this database doesn't come with pictures? Or last names? It had about as much nuance as Harry Potter. I knew exactly what was going to happen before I saw the movie. No surprises. There were giant holes of logic. They just smoothed over her friend Amanda getting killed. The music was epileptic(Sometimes it was strings, sometimes it was Bourne-esque techno). The line "It was all business for me! Nothing Personal!" "It was all personal for me." and then he shoots the guy was just beyond corny. What are the odds that the steam pipe you get handcuffed to is already about to break?!? The scene on the boat went pretty much exactly like a video game(Get onto the boat, get pistol. Kill some simple bad guys, get better weapon. Kill harder bad guys. Face boss in hand to hand combat(The last guy he faces just so happens to be the toughest one of them all? Really?)Fade to black, and BAM, you're in LAX)

While the movie was fun, and thus entertaining, it was by no stretch "Good". I got my hopes up because of IMDB, and was thus extremely disappointed.
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