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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Watched Ghost Town tonight. Basic plot is a romantic comedy version of Sixth Sense (guy can talk with the dead, hilarity ensues, etc.).

It really was, however, an above average rom-com and a very solid film as a whole. I'll admit I'm a homer for Ricky Gervais, but he makes the film. His dry sense of humor is up my alley, and it is a nice departure from the usual male leads in these kind of films.

I also thought the dramatic aspects (that every comedy feels obliged to throw in) actually carried some weight in this one, ending with some genuinely poignant scenes and observations. Overall, well worth seeing.
I totally agree. I didn't really expect anything when I saw it the other week but said hey I'll give it a try. It was a decent movie with some good jokes and laughs.

Saw Wanted the other day and thought that was a pretty entertaining movie.
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