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Boeing adding 50-75 Software/hardware jobs in Colorado springs.

oeing adds jobs in Colorado Springs
By WAYNE HEILMAN The (Colorado Springs) Gazette
Posted: 02/14/2009 02:02:27 AM MST
Updated: 02/14/2009 10:02:09 AM MST

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—As other technology employers have been cutting jobs, Boeing Co. has been quietly adding positions in Colorado Springs to work on a new satellite system designed to detect and track objects orbiting the Earth, among other programs.

The aviation giant has added about 100 workers to its Springs payroll in the past year and expects to add 50 to 75 more this year to complete software design and hardware systems that control the Space Based Space Surveillance satellite system, along with upgrades to the Global Positioning System satellite network and a new global military-communications satellite system, said Bill Hodgkins, Boeing's senior Colorado executive.
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