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Pat Bowlen

-Announcements page-

02/11/2009 - We will announce the draft order, draft time and details once A.L.F. and I have collaborated with the other mock draft and sorted through things. Rules will be posted shortly.

****02/11/2009**** - We the commissioners have agreed to the following rules during the draft:
1. You have 24 hours in the first round to make your selection or to trade the pick. Second round and on, you have 12 hours to make your pick and/or trade. If you fail to make a pick in your allotted time, the next GM is allowed to pick. You may make your pick any time after that, but cannot select players that other GM's were able to take before you, even if you were "supposed to go before them."
2. When you make your pick, you have to make the selection and the time you made the selection (because the time code on the Mane is broken). For example: "The Broncos select RB Mendenhall with the 12th overall pick. Mendenhall is selected at 12:43 Mountain Time. The Panthers are next on the clock." Of course a picture and scout evaluation of the player is always good to have included in your selection post.

3. If you happen to come to a trade, you must notify one of the Commissioners, A.L.F. or myself, of such a trade. That way we can update the draft order accordingly.
02/11/2009 - Please only use this thread to discuss the draft in a general sense. If you need to wheel n' deal, please use or create other threads.

02/14/2009 - We have started a new thread because the old one wasn't allowing edits for some reason.
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