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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Awesome! You know I've tried to get you onto them. Your thoughts? To me, one of the best bands out there.

Oh, jesus. Robert Pollard is one of the most underrated songwriter of all-time. The god. "Tractor Rape Chain", "Ironman Ralley Song"...good god. Pollard is melody god.
Both bands I came to somewhat late. I had some early Massacre (Strung out In Heaven and Thank God For Mental Illness) and wasn't very impressed by it at the time, so I left them be. I did pick up Tepid Peppermint on your suggestion and nearly a year later it's still in both the home and car's players.
Have the new one as well and am very happy with it (My Bloody Underground) Travelling out to Cleveland to see them at the end of March and expectations are off the charts for that show.

GBV's was one of those bands I always liked but never got any of the material of for one reason or another. I've been correcting that since 2007 and have to agree with you on Pollard....probably the most talented drunk I've heard this side of Jim Morrrison. I mentioned the Rainy Day Saints earlier, the head man in that outfit (Dave Swanson) played drums with Cobra Verde, which backed up Pollard as GBV for the Mag Earwig album (I Am A Tree). He told me a few stories about Pollard. He's very booze oriented apparently and hard to work with, especially for someone who doesn't drink (like Dave). Interesting stuff nonetheless, very melodic, kinda hard to believe that it never got beyond a cult status.
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