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Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
If anyone thinks this is unfair or has an issue with this system, PM me and let me know. Otherwise this seems reasonable.
Its a good system, though I completely understand what you were aiming for this year, since as the mock has gained in popularity there have been fewer and fewer openings each year. When bringing in co-GMs and assistant GMs you add another wrinkle on top of that, and if we allowed succession rights from GMs to their #2's we'd quickly see the amount of newcomers involved drop to pretty much zero (which despite my hatred of the nubz I think is a bad thing).

But then maybe thats the solution in and of itself? newcomers can start out with an established GM that we know will make his picks on time and as they get into the flow they can either take over another team when a vacancy arises, or step up to the full GM role when the GM they've been working with decides to hang it up.

Regardless though, a mock draft that doesn't have SoCal picking for SF would just feel wrong. This was all his baby to start with and its not like we'd find anyone who'll make more appropriate picks for a team than he could for SF (including the 49ers front office).
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