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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Florida_Bronco View Post
Honestly man, don't take it personally. We all loved the way you ran the draft last year and we know you meant well. I'm certainly not upset with you, even though I disagreed with the rule change.

As for how we choose, it's pretty easy. Here is how I'd do it.

1. As the time approaches, send out PM's to all those who were part of the previous mock draft asking if they wish to participate again and if they want to keep their team.

2. Those who wish to keep their team do so, the rest go into the pool.

3. Ultimately, some people will not come back for various reasons, so make a post on the main board asking for anyone who wants to join and fill the X number of spots we have open.

4. If those who are incoming have a team preference that is open, let them have it. Those who have no preference go into the pool.

5. Random selection for those who are in the pool.

6. Repeat cycle next year.
That sounds entirely too reasonable. Someone will hate that kind of system

Personally, I think that is a great way to do it and I am on board with Socal getting SF until whenever he gets bored with them
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