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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
I PMed socal immediately and asked him to get back in here. No one had San Fran as a first choice, so it's a non-issue. We just have to agree on aa set way to do this thing every year, that's all. If we have only three guys that are married to their teams, that's no big problem. I just had no idea that was the case. If I had known that I would have gone that way from the start.

I honestly don't think anyone else cares all that much.
I have drafted for three different teams in the last 4 years, none at the top of the round either. I like to diversify, but being in INDY and most people here HATING INDY helps to get them this year.

Mostly, I like teams that have predictable FO's and draft philosophy's. Not many of those around, but BAL, PHI, INDY, PIT, and NE. I like to draft like they do and try to really get into their needs versus player value on draft day.

However, I saw every game last year and I could make a short list of every teams real needs and have already done so based on my notes. That, plus getting to know another drafts players 3-400 deep is a great pastime for me. Last year was a job switch so I had to come in late, but PHI did not miss a beat.
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