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Quinton Carter

Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
I think the best way to do it is since its a big deal to some let them have their teams and guys who don't care take over the rest. I think its cool to take different teams. Its all for fun isn't it.
Exactly. There are plenty of people who don't care about which team they get, and with those who don't come back every year there is plenty of space for new people to get involved if they so choose. Hell, if there is enough demand, I'd gladly volunteer to help run a 2nd league for the newer people.

And it is supposed to be fun, but fun is different to other people. Some people, like yourself are content to show up here, make your picks and be on your way. Certainly nothing wrong with that, but then others like me, ALF and SoCal, like to stick with a certain and try to build them up.

Each way is fine for those involved, and no reason that we can't have both.
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