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Quinton Carter

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
It's becoming increasingly clear to me that it is unfair for me to have SF and others who have specific teams that they have had in the past not get those teams.

At the outset I made a request of JCM to have SF because I generally have had that team in the past when I have participated in the draft. I informed him that it would be my preference to have them again and if not I said I would take anyone not in the AFC West. This was the wrong move on my part because it put me in the position of being able to lock in my team before anyone else and thats not right. I know people are upset about that. It is right for them to be upset. I did not think about it that way in the beginning. It is NOT JCM's fault. That's on me. I should not have even made the request.

As such, I will be dropping SF, so that someone who has asked for them the proper way, i.e. in this thread after it was announced that it was going to be through a drawing, can have them. In addition, I will not be participating in this draft because I have already caused enough problems. Let me reiterate that this is on me, not JCM, so don't give him any **** about it.
This is really the last thing I wanted to see happen. This is supposed to be fun for us all.

I don't fault anyone for this. You've run this draft well and JCM helped to run a very smooth draft last year. While I disagree with the rule changes, I know it was made with the best of intentions so I hold no ill will towards anyone.

Honestly, if I just knew we'd go back to the old system next year I would be happy.
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