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Quinton Carter

Originally Posted by Northman View Post
Yea, i realize that but again maybe the teams you guys draft for someone else would be interested in. I would guess that if you guys like doing the same team year in and year out maybe do another Mock Draft league with people who may want to do the same thing. But with this one being the only one on here (at least to my knowledge) it would be kind of hard to get new people involved if it isnt mixed up team wise with or without Denver. I actually never realized you guys were trying to do that.
Why would we start another mock league to continue what we've been doing for years in this one? It worked just fine before, so why do we need to start changing things around.

The way I see it, getting your pick of a team is kind of a benefit to being a long time player. The Lions were not my first pick when I got started here, but I picked for them and then the 2nd year I decided to keep them ando so on...and it worked out fine.

Let the new people have the spots left over after the regulars have picked. There is enough flux with the people leaving and those who don't have a team preference to get new people involved.
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