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Originally Posted by Florida_Bronco View Post
Denver is the only team I can recall being much contention for, and that's the nature of the beast being a Broncos forum.

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I personally prefer to keep the same team and I know several people who share that view. People like SoCal, ALF and myself all like to keep a team to try to build them up, and switching up the teams makes this absolutely no fun at all for us.

And I just mentioned in my previous post that we never had any trouble getting new people involved. There are usually quite a few spots open each year from people who have left the board or just dont want to play and those usually go to the newer people after the hard core people have got their teams.
Yea, i realize that but again maybe the teams you guys draft for someone else would be interested in. I would guess that if you guys like doing the same team year in and year out maybe do another Mock Draft league with people who may want to do the same thing. But with this one being the only one on here (at least to my knowledge) it would be kind of hard to get new people involved if it isnt mixed up team wise with or without Denver. I actually never realized you guys were trying to do that.
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