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Originally Posted by Northman View Post
Probably because some other people may want to draft for Denver and the likes. I have no problem with mixing it up. It really isnt all that fun if the same people get the same teams every year. This kind of thing shouldnt be exclusive to certain members only.
I am not participating this year because of this "mixing it up" business.

I did not like the drawing of your top three choices of teams and the fact I wanted the same team, Rams, this time around was because I would have some continuity from last year. It's why many members who participate in the mock draft choose the same team every year.

Namely why Socal gets the Niners every year.

There is also too many noobs like Carmelo115, Snarfalicious, Stunodaking who I don't think have a clue how this goes nor are they reliable.
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