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Quinton Carter

Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
I tried very hard to be fair to everyone and get them a team they were interested in, even if it was not their first choice.

Next year we're going to use the "OM born on date" system to select the teams. The year after that we will do first come, first serve. Changing up the system will make things fair for vets next year, and newbs after that. It's really an impossible task to make everyone happy, but I did my best. And if anyone has any suggestions for good ways to make the selections, I welcome your input.
Why not just run things the way they were back in 07 and 08? Both of those drafts ran smooth, especially 08's, so why try fixing something that isn't broke? Especially the teams. Me and the other hard core mock drafters always got the teams we wanted and their was plenty of flux from year to year that new people could get involved if they wanted.
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