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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Makes sense to me. Silas is a good players coach but is only mediocre when it comes to actual strategies. You only need a players coach if you need him to unify the team, and the Cavs don't need that since LeBron has made it pretty clear that its his team and that he can lead them well.

Also makes sense. Saunders is a better x's and o's guy, he'll better utilize the bench and put LeBron in positions to make his teammates better, not just drop huge numbers of points himself, much like Saunders did with Kevin Garnett.

My view on Silas, he turns bad or inexperienced teams into pretty good ones, but he won't ever get you over the hump to where you can beat the elite teams.
If only my Griz had waited to hire Hollins, Silas sounds like exactly what we need
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