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Default Official 2009 Mock Draft sign up/rules thread

OK, it's that time of year again. I think we had a very successful draft last year and I like how it played out. Here are the rules:

Jens, Eddie and Drekhelped out last year. Do you guys want to do it again, or is there anyone else that would like to volunteer? The more people we have helping out the smoother it will run.

--We do all 7 rounds. There will be a 24 hour time limit in round one, a 12 hour time limit thereafter.

--Trades are definetly IN. Trades that both parties agree to just need to get PMed to myself or anyone helping me run the draft, just so we can change the order.

--I do want to tweak the team selection system. I would like everyone who wants to be in the draft to PM me with their top three choices to draft for.
If no one else selects the team you do, you have your team. If multiple people select the same team, that team is selected by random drawing. I.E If three owners have Tampa Bay as their top option, I draw from those three names. The owners who do not win that drawing then go on to their second choice. If no one wants their #2, they've got it. If we still have ties then we do a random drawing again for that team and so on. If a drafter does not get any of their top three choices I will PM them and give them a list of remaining teams. In this system it's not quite as random, while giving everyone a shot at the team they would like to draft for. I will forward the list of team options to whoever would like to help me with the draft for transparency's sake.

--The only team that is out of the mix is San Fran, and that team goes to SoCal. Deal.

--Also, I liked the co-GM partnerships we had working last year. If any two Maners want to go in on the draft together that would be great. If you are willing to be a co-GM with someone and do not currently have a partner in crime, please let me know in your PM so that when we go over 32 participants I can assign someone to work with you.

--Lastly, if you want to participate in the mock draft, PLEASE BE WILLING AND ABLE TO DRAFT FOR ALL SEVEN ROUNDS. Drafters can be removed from the draft at the discretion of those running it. Open for discussion: How long would an owner have to miss his draft pick before being removed?

I'll also want a couple of volunteers to be fill-in GMs when folks miss their pick. These "pinch-hitter" GMs would not run a specific team, but would fill in a pick when an owner is AWOL too long.

OK, those are the basics. If you want in, please PM me with your top three teams you would like to draft for. There are 30 slots open as of right now.

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