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Originally Posted by kdissette View Post
i cant wait for the return of all the horror remakes this year. Friday the 13th looks cool, Nightmare on Elmstreet should be alright, Halloween 2 is gonna rock, a new Texas Chainsaw massacre is on the way, and I heard a rumor that they are gonna remake Hellraiser as well. Hopefully they will be smart and make these movies as bloody as possible without cutting the **** out of them.

Hmm, I am going to go see Friday the 13th with a female friend of mine. We are making it a girl's night. She and I like scary movies. So we are going to do the movie, grab some dinner and brews at a new brewery and then head back to my house for a girl's slumber party and watch the remake of Halloween (still prefer the original in most ways). I thought they already remade Texas chainsaw massacre and how can they have a Halloween 2 when she blew his head off in the remake?
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