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Mitch Unrein

Originally Posted by snowspot66 View Post
Self sustaining system. Kids want to go to the automatic bid conference schools because they are the big name conferences. It's a recruitment advantage. Kids start seeing these other schools in the big bowl games and it will even that out a bit. The extra cash they would have to put into their program would go an even further distance in getting talent because they could really upgrade their facilities.
Agreed, plus with an automatic berth into the BCS the national networks would start paying more attention to the MWC which in turn would create more buzz, raise the national awareness of the MWC and lead to a better talent base for the MWC. This in turn would generate more money for the league and extend the fanbase of the BCS and allow them to push off the calls for a playoff system by saying they are taking steps to "tweak" their impossibly broken system.
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