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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I've seen much better footage from both. The Hendrix set @ Woodstock is about the bottom of his barrel....meaning that while it's still good, it's hard to think of any other Hendrix footage it's better than. Certainly it doesn't come close to Monterrey or the New Years Eve/Day shows that Band Of Gypsys came from. I suppose a case could be made that it's better than his Isle of Wight set, but even on that, it's debatable (even though Hendrix was sickly and not having a good night, the overall trio was much tighter). This was essentially Hendrix jamming with an ad hoc band assembled just a couple of weeks beforehand so naturally they weren't up to speed or anywhere near tight by the time of the show.

I was talking about the whole Woodstock thing to someone this afternoon and they brought up the Ten Years After clip as a highlight....I'd have to disagree with that as well as the tune is sunk by the overlong middle portion of it when Lee seems to be just doing some scat vocals over the beat. It hasn't aged very well IMHO.

Just my thoughts on it all anyways.
As far as guitar playing goes, Alvin Lee mopped the floor with Hendrix, Santana, et al, at Woodstock, IMO.
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