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DJ Williams

Thank God for Terry Frei, I never would have heard of this Ovenchikin guy if it wasn't for his column. Apparently there's an "Eastern Conference" in the NHL too. Who would have thought that?

The feud with Malkin wasn't recent, people finally decided to talk about it.

Yes, the Caps and Wizards have separate owners, however, Leonsis has the right of first refusal on both the Wizards and the Verizon Center when Polin decides to sell. They don't go out of their way to screw over the other.

The Caps were always a hot ticket when they are winning, just like the Denver teams are, and just like Denver, DC is still a football town. It's not a surprise they're selling out again.

and if you're asking why his popularity is only now soaring among the casual fan, ask Bettman while you're in Montreal. He's the one who decided to hitch the league's future to one player, who while great, is still an immature, whiny little b**** while ignoring Ovechkin, Phaneuf, Shrek errrr Malkin, Kopitar, Vanek, Kovalchuk, etc.

Frei would be much better off as that guy off the street who gets an occasional column, that's about the depth of knowledge he can display on any given subject. But then again, given ESPN's hockey reporting, it doesn't surprise me that this guy has an occasional column over there too.

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