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Originally Posted by MechanicalBull View Post
In the past couple weeks I've seen Gran Torino, The Wrestler, and Frost/Nixon. Might go see Slumdog some time next week.

All were good and I thought Gran Torino and Frost/Nixon were real good. I like Marisa Tomei but didn't think she did anything out of the ordinary to garner all the award buzz. Eastwood is Eastwood and just brilliant in Torino and Frank Langella portrayal of Nixon was amazing.
I really, want to see all of those and now they finally have Slumdog closer to my house and the Wrestler. I really want to see Frost/Nixon. Totatally on a political film kick lately, Milk is also on my agenda. It would be nice if a good comedy came out too one of these days (and while I laughed at My Bloody Valentine I don't think they meant it to be funny, it was just stupid).

I will probably go totally mindless and see Friday the 13th (I know, I know, that sounds terrible, but i know what I am getting when I see it, it will be dumb no doubt, I didn't even like the original, but my friend and I really like horror movies and are going to have scary movie all girl slumber party thing).

Anyway good to know about those others from someone else.
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