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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
I was new to sports forums online, so I tried to be too clever.

Went to CU, and bronco fan, So i picked : broncobuff24

Obviously, it was not to originall and there was a broncobuff on here already that was Highly respected. Even though I asked and he gave me permission to use broncobuff24, I still thought I should change.

I then made sure People's Champ wasnt taken, then picked that.
There is not BroncoBuff on this board that is highly respected.

Liked yes, respected no.

I remember when Buff first got here he got bbcode crazy with his posts, chaning colors and sizes and stuff like mad. It was insane trying to read through his garbage. Finally though, I think he settled down and realized if he pisses Alec off, he's not going to enjoy his stay here so he stopped.
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