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Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
You guys through giving each other reach arounds?!?
You sound like a man of experience (I'll bet Paul Pierce would know.)

Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
LABF 100 Bucks on the up!! ALF you want some action too?? I'll bet you some cats...I know you love eating cats.

Gambling is almost as disgusting a habit as smoking, drinking, or drug abuse.

Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
As for Tracy Morgan, AKA Bynum...he had 42 tonight...who was he going up against all night The Clippers and their 3rd worst record in the NBA or Marcus Camby or Zach Randolph......
What about vs. your Celtics on Xmas?

Notice you still won't touch that one.

Anyway, if the Lakers' inside game is as soft as you claim, then why do they lead the league in points in the paint?

And why do they have the best record in the NBA as of this post?

Face it - you're all about blind hatred and no real knowledge of the game.
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