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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
flyers make it 13 straight against the thrashers, little let down in the third, started to coast, but came out with the win in the end, now onto the all star break

Yeah... Got scary for a minute there in the 3rd. Briere's absence has been extended. he played 2 games with the Phantoms and passed with flying colors. The Flyers decided to let him play a 3rd game down there (basically to bide time to figure out what moves to make to fit room under the cap for Danny) and after the 3rd game he felt some discomfort in his groin. He is due to have exploratory surgery either today or tomorrow to see the ectent of the problem. I don't think that's such a bad thing. Let Danny get well for the playoff run. the 3rd line with all the kids (Giroux, Powe, and Upshall) is playing unreal.

Let's go FLYERS and ph uck all the frog fans who kept Richie, gagne and Timmonen out of the all star game.
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