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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
I whooped the shyt out of the kings on my ps3 lastnight i really think kopitar started crying and labarbra got pulled and went and shot himself in the lockeroom ( it wasn't pretty)
Av fans went home crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stuff it Bronx.

But yeah I ran into some notable Colorado Sport figures. Group of us ran into Sakic and he said his back is coming along and another Kings fan told him that he would hate to see his career end with an injury. We all shook his hands and left. Classy guy, 3rd time I have met him.

Also ran into Jeff Francis of the Rockies, it looked like he was with family and just hello and said he would look good in a Dodgers uni someday.

One thing though, I was surprised by the small crowd. hmm.
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