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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
The Khufu Pyramid has 2,300,000 blocks of limestone and granite - averaging 2.5 tons each, perfectly placed to 481 feet tall (tallest structure in the world 'til the Eiffel Tower), and built with better precision than today's office buildings - the four sides of the base of the differ from longest to shortest by maximum 9 inches out of 756 feet each. Astonishing.
Even more amazing, if you're interested, is this measurable, not discovered until the laste 1940s: That the tip of the pyramid on top is exactly - to within 5 inches - centered over the mass of the structure:

Looking at Khufu from above: The four radii (in red) differ by less than 5 inches
from longest to shortest. Modern architects cannot envision how or even why the
builders crafted these four sides so perfectly even. It's one thing for the bases of
the structure to be so close to exact lengths, they are easily measured, but there
seems no way that these inclined edges could have been kept so exact during the
daunting (and improbable speed) of its construction, so that the tip of the pyramid -
the last bit of construction - would end up perefctly in the center of the structure.
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