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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
Sorry, my bad. I've been a fan of his since i got exposed to him via disinfo.

You would really like "Fingerprints of the Gods." You gotta have an open mind for this one, and that's one of your assets. He updates the Thor Heyerdahl-Atlantis // Africa-South America connection by linking the pyramids, legends and technology from both continents ... and forms the thesis that Antarctica IS Atlantis. Not the cold Antartctica, but back when it was further north. He concludes that the movement of these land masses was caused by "earth crust displacement," which is much harder to swallow ... and probably why you saw him on a DisInfo site.

I really loved his lengthy and pointed detailing of the Giza structures ... beyond fascinating, and impossible to explain. Khufu has 2,300,000 blocks of limestone and granite - averaging 2.5 tons each, perfectly placed to 481 feet tall (tallest structure in the world 'til the Eiffel Tower), and built with better precision than today's office buildings - the four sides of the base of the differ from longest to shortest by maximum 9 inches out of 756 feet each. Astonishing.
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