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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Did you actually have expectations going into Paul Blart? 30 second ads were more than enough for me.

I've heard good things about Tell No One. I'll have to check that one out. Glad to see someone else here saw Lives of Others. Outstanding film.

Che does look intriguing. I've heard they did a good job of keeping it fairly apolitical (if that is possible in a film about Che) instead of sensationalizing his life, which I tend to prefer in biopics. The Oscar voters apparently can't understand a biopic if there isn't swelling music every other scene or trite speeches at the end to wrap things up, but I appreciate a director that gives the audience enough credit to come to its own conclusion.
I expected something light with some laughs in Paul Blart. My expectations were calibrated for what it appeared to be on ads, but even with somewhat lower standards, it was still a disappontment. You know the plots going to be flimsy but you at least hope for a few laughs but there were very few.

Yeah, Ive taken to watching mostly Indies/arthouse and foreign films (namely french movies). Theyre a lot better than what hollywood is putting out...its been that way for a while actually.

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